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Red Deer Children's Dentistry: Why Your Kids (and you) Really Need Regular Dental Check-ups

It is not the primary function of our teeth we are worried about, only. The appearance of our teeth means a lot to us, especially as adults. And what you did as kids will affect the health and appearance of your teeth as adults. As a matter of fact, it would affect the health and appearance of your teeth your whole adult life! Everyone knows this--it is basic knowledge. And we do not grow teeth as adult! So we need to take children's dentistry in Red Deer very seriously.

And if serious health complications would happen on your teeth due to poor personal hygiene and lack of dental check-ups with a certified dentist, you might suffer the consequences your whole life! Think about that for your kids and you.

However, visiting the dentist with your kids every six or seven months regularly for check-ups would not be an appointment that we look forward to, despite the fact that it is very important. You might think that it is impossible for you to do that. But the truth is: you can! You just have to schedule it in. but if you are still not motivate to do it, here are some of the more important reasons why you should do it.

Oral Cancer!

You might think that it is impossible for it to happen, since cancer does not run in your family. Your parents do not have, neither did your grandparents too. But there is something you should know. The American Cancer Society estimated that oropharyngeal cancer and oral cavity affect about 49670 people in the United States in 2017. And the number of deaths cases that would occur as a result of these cancers is 9700! That is a lot of people.

So before you tag the word ‘impossible' to it, you might want to reconsider. It is a very serious disease, as you can tell.

And do you know what makes it dangerous? It is often not diagnosed, if you do not know what the earlier signs are. You could easily confuse it for something else. And your condition can quickly degenerate to becoming life threatening! And it could affect anyone. It does not necessarily mean it is hereditary. And the only good news about it is that, it can be treated if diagnosed very early. So what is your decision now? Nobody would advise you to run scared for nothing. But it is good to put in place good precautionary measures for things like these.

And your kids or you might feel normal and thinks that everything is normal. But after a check-up, your dentist might tell you that your kids or you have it! And it is in its early stages. That could be a life saver--regular check-ups.

Gum disease:

If you think children are not affect, you are wrong. And gum disease is also a very bad news. Worst case scenario that could happen? Gum disease causes breakdown of the bone that hold the teeth in place! It is a case where your teeth will be falling out! How does that sound? Scary? So your children's dentistry in Red Deer (and yours) should be properly prioritized.

These are some of the more important reasons why your kids really need regular check-ups. That is what Red Deer children's dentistry is about.

Red Deer Children's Dentistry

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