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teeth whitening dentist Calgary

teeth whitening dentist Calgary
If you are looking for a teeth-whitening dentist in Calgary, then East Village Dental should be on your speed dial. Our clinic has been serving the local neighborhood and the greater Calgary area for (NUMBER OF YEARS OF OPERATIONS) now. Our dentists are among Canada’s best with a combined experience of over 30 years. We specialize in families and children, root canal, dental prosthetics, implants, braces and Invasilign installation, as well as bridges and crowns.
Don’t take our word for it.
We can connect you to our previous customers who can give you an honest opinion of their experience with us. Only a few other clinics will be that upfront. This only speaks volumes about how confident we are about our services. East Village Dental has professional dentists who continually update their skills and knowledge on any modern teeth-whitening products and procedures in the market today.
What Makes Our Teeth Yellow?
Our teeth will eventually lose their luster and shine over the years. Age is one factor but it’s also our diet and habits, as well. For instance, teeth-staining soda, coffee, red wine, acidic fruits, pigmented berries, nuts, and cheese are among the common culprits. Prescription medicines for high blood pressure or allergies also affect the outer layer of the enamel. If you are a heavy smoker, the enamel in your teeth will thin out. 
It is best to visit us if you have in contact with these items on a regular basis so we can bring back the sheen of your choppers.
Nevertheless, you have several options for you when you go see our teeth-whitening dentist in Calgary.
In-office bleaching. We will apply rubber shield or a protective gel to protect your gums while we bleach your teeth. The gel contains hydrogen peroxide. It will take about two to three visits at between half-an-hour and one hour and thirty minutes per session to complete the process.
Laser teeth whitening. We typically apply bleach first then use Argon laser or UV, which emits intense heat to whiten the teeth. Unlike in-office bleaching, the laser will speed up the process by triggering the active ingredients of bleach through the heat. The concentration of the bleach is pretty high but we adopt stringent safety procedures to protect the patient.
Zoom whitening. This is another variation of the in-office bleaching. After an hour, all the stains and discoloration of your teeth would be gone. However, we do require that you sit down with us for a consultation before we proceed with this procedure.
We can also send you over a custom-made tray so you can whiten your teeth in the comforts of your own home. Our dentists will guide you through the whole steps to make sure you are doing it right the first time.
Are you ready to restore those pearly whites? East Village Dental is one of the leading clinics with experienced teeth-whitening dentists in Calgary. Call our number at 403-263-9014 or email us at if you want to book a schedule.  We are located in Riverfront Ave SE, Calgary, Alberta
teeth whitening dentist Calgary

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