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SE Calgary Children's Dentist

SE Calgary Children's Dentist

Studies have shown that people with healthy teeth and beautiful smiles tend to have more success in their careers. They also tend to be more positive, and overall happier, healthier, and more socially pleasant than those with dental problems. Oral hygiene is critical, especially in the early stages of life and we, at Millennium Dental, focus primarily on educating people about their children's dental care.

An SE Calgary children's dentist's services can be considered even more important than in the case of adults. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have reported that almost 20% of the American youth with ages between two and 19 have cavities, either in their temporary or their permanent teeth. When left untreated, cavities will evolve into tooth decay and gum disease, leading to a variety of health problems, including heart disease and respiratory infections.

Keeping your child's health intact is the primary reason why flawless dental care is required, but that's not the only one. Others include:

  • Creating a sense of responsibility - This is a great way of instilling the sense of responsibility in your child's brain, especially at an age where he is so permeable to new information. By learning the importance of regular and thorough dental care, the child will understand that responsibility is an excellent tool for success in not only maintaining his health but in life in general as well.
  • Eliminating fear - People fear what they don't understand, and the same goes for children. Teaching them the importance of regular visits to an SE Calgary children's dentist, and that of adopting healthy oral hygiene habits can prove invaluable for the child's future.
  • Preventing more severe diseases - Untreated cavities lead to the formation of plaque, which is the building block for gingivitis and periodontitis in the more advanced stages. People with periodontitis will risk gum infections and blood poisoning, in case the bacteria enters the bloodstream, affecting the heart and the brain. Prevention is the best tool your kid must possess and master in the long run.

Studies have shown that parents who neglect their children's oral hygiene will contribute to them growing into irresponsible adults with many health problems as a result. So, what exactly should you teach them?

There are several things every parent and every child should know:

  • Brushing and flossing daily - Brushing should be performed at least twice a day and flossing just once should do. These methods combined will contribute to the elimination of food residues, will lower the acidity of the environment and will kill off the bacteria, preventing cavities and plaque formation.
  • Adopting a healthier diet - Fewer sweets and fewer sodas, to name two of the most damaging factors. The lower the sugar intake, the less likely they are to develop teeth problems in the future.
  • Dentist visits - Coming to an SE Calgary children's dentist is vital in identifying dental problems in time and take the necessary measures before they get any worse.

At Millennium Dental, we believe successful and healthy adults only come from responsible children with caring and knowledgeable parents. Bring your kid in for a screening today and build a better future for him!

SE Calgary Children's Dentist
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SE Calgary Children’s Dentist
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