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Dysfonction érectile près de Montréal

Dysfonction érectile près de Montréal

Society has a reckoning on the sexual relationship between men and women and addresses the myths surrounding men’s prowess in sexual matters and women’s stigmatization in the same. We are taking a deeper look at one of the oldest myths, that men must have superior sex powers to leverage their power in a relationship or among other men discussing their sexual victories. Our therapists and physicians have a unique role in helping everyone understand that men’s bodies are only so natural, and they too have to deal with massive changes due to lifestyle or body chemistry changes.

Facts about erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is not an older man’s illness, and 25% of men between 17-40 will suffer an impotence problem. The shocking truth is that all individuals with ED will not seek treatment but recline from any sexual activity with partners. Suffering in shame only results in more problems because you suppress your emotions and the body’s natural healing process.

The best ED treatment

The small group of men who seek treatment will look for natural remedies to avoid discussing their manhood with a therapist or doctor. Most will resort to herbs and rigorous DIY solutions that do not always work. We advise that you consult a physician because you cannot tell how your body will react to these remedies without trying them for yourself.

How we address ED

Lifestyle changes

Health changes

Lifestyle changes are vital if you intend to see or maintain long-term health. Some studies show that overweight men are more likely to suffer ED because their blood circulatory system is not pumping blood to the right places during sexual arousal. This case also means one must change their diet and introduce exercises to improve blood flow and regulate excess weight. Talk to a doctor if you have severe weight issues, and let us help you plan a lifestyle program that will lower your stress, improve testosterone levels and better your blood vessel health.

Better sleep

Regular and healthy sleep is essential for improving your ED because it supports normal testosterone levels while regulating conditions like high blood pressure and diabetes.

Dietary changes

The first medicine is always in the kitchen; hence you must address any dietary faults even if you quit smoking and alcohol. Our team will look at your body’s current health status and recommend foods with proper nutrients for ED treatment. The most helpful nutrients for ED include:

  • Folic acid and magnesium to improve ED and boost testosterone levels
  • Caffeine to boost blood flow
  • Omega-3 fatty acids to improve cardiovascular health
  • Good fats replace the unhealthy fats and allow better blood flow

It is important to remember that vitamins and minerals are not proven to treat ED, but they have a history of giving the body sufficient nutrients for better general health.

Mental and emotional health

ED has a range of emotional and mental triggers that must be unblocked for you to get in alignment with your psychological and biological body reactions. We will introduce several psychological treatments that strengthen your mind and contribute to reduced symptoms over time. Please make an appointment online or call 450-864-1030 for more information on our erectile dysfunction near Montreal, Canada treatments.



Dysfonction érectile près de Montréal

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