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Addiction Treatment Center San Clemente

Addiction Treatment Center San Clemente

Finding the best addiction treatment center in San Clemente is essential when dealing with life-changing addiction and see no way out on your own. The House of the Rising Son ensures optimal recovery in a comfortable, home-like environment, where you can heal, overcome your harmful habits, and plan for a better, healthier future. The first step, however, is admitting your problem and accepting to get professional help.

How to treat addiction safely and effectively?

Substance addiction can be a life-changing disorder, employing debilitating side-effects and symptoms along the way. The longer the disorder goes, the more it will disrupt your life, causing physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and even legal issues along the way. The treatment isn’t easy or risk-free, which is why you need to consider coming to our men’s treatment center as soon as possible.

We handle addiction via a multi-layered approach, bringing together several disciplines to achieve the best long-term results. These include:

  • Medically-supervised detoxification – Relying on targeted medication to counter the withdrawal, cleanse your system of toxins, and stabilizing your nervous system. It is a critical procedure for immediate stabilization and recovery, as it forces your brain to reset to its pre-addictive state.
  • Dual diagnosis treatment – Addressing underlying mental health issues that prevent you from recovering. Studies show that most addiction victims have at least one extra mental problem to account for and that ignoring mental issues may set the stage for relapse after rehab.
  • Non-12 step recovery – The 12-step program doesn’t have a universal reach. It doesn’t fit everyone’s needs, and it may even be contra-productive in some scenarios. To avoid that risk, we rely on holistic recovery instead in the form of non-12 step programs like group and individual sessions, yoga, meditation, nutrition therapy, exercise, etc.
  • Medication-Assisted Therapy (MAT) – MAT is a reliable medical treatment relying on medication for long-term sobriety management. It’s a critical recovery tool for people facing severe addictions or accounting for debilitating and chronic mental disorders.

What to expect in our drug rehab center?

Our San Clemente drug rehab and nearby alcohol rehab ensures all the necessary conditions for fast and sustainable recovery from addiction. At our facility, you will get:

  • A comfortable and luxurious rehabilitation setting with private bedrooms and open spaces for group activities
  • A welcoming and non-judgmental vibe, since we’re all a family
  • Access to high-end rehab programs, including holistic recreational activities
  • Personal time with our top rehab specialists and counselors if you need someone to talk to
  • Peer support via group therapy meetings
  • The opportunity to integrate, socialize and make friends with people facing similar issues as yours, etc.

Our San Clemente, CA, rehab programs show why we have the best rehab centers in San Clemente. If you wish to recover from your addiction fast and learn how to live a clean, fulfilling life post-rehab, our addiction treatment center in San Clemente is the ideal destination for you.

Call The House of the Rising Son at 888-238-1038, speak to our counselors, and feel free to make an appointment for rehab intake and treatment planning today.

Addiction Treatment Center San Clemente
The House of The Rising Son
Addiction Treatment Center San Clemente
147 El Levante
San Clemente CA 92672

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